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massive range of heavy duty bakeware available in-store. We stock the full range of masterclass baking tins all which are very heavy duty and are made with  double coating non-stick all have a 5 year non-stick guarantee and a 20 year workmanship guarantee (obviously not from wear and tear). these products are totally safe in the dishwasher, fridge and freezer. as with all non-stick items please do not use metal utensils as this could damage the coating, if you are obliged to use metal utensils go for the hard anodised ranges as these are the recommendation for use with these utensils. 
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master class silicone 2lb loaf pan
master class round 8
master class 9" silicone square cake pan
master class smart silicone six hole baking pan
master class smart silicone twelve hole baking pan
sweetly does it non-stick umbo cup cake baking tin
46cm x 26cm cooling tray
23cm x 26cm non-stick cooling tray
kitchen craft non-stick cooking liner
non-stick braided bread mould 39cm x 17cm
Heart Anodised Cake Pan. 25cm x 7.5cm (10
Heart Anodised Cake Pan. 20cm x 7.5cm. (8
Heart Anodised Cake Pan. 15cm x 7.5cm (6
Silver Anodised Hemisphere Cake Pan. 15.5cm x 7.5cm. (6"x3")
Crusty Bake Non-stick Deep Pie/Tart Tin. Sloped sides. 23cm (9
Crusty Bake Non-stick Baguette Tray. 39cm x 16cm x 2.5cm
Crusty Bake Non-stick Loaf Pan. 15cm x 9cm x 7cm.
Crusty Bake Non-stick Loaf Pan. 21cm x 11cm x 7cm.
Crusty Bake Non-stick Six Hole Pan.
Crusty Bake Non-stick Baking/Cookie Tray. 39cm x 27cm x 2cm.